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Nutrition from Greens

Nutrition from Greens is a post about nutrient dense food. Nutrition is vital for your good health. Getting nutrition straight from plants is the most effective way to ensure your health.

Nutrition from GreensOur Caldera Greens provide the body a full spectrum of minerals.

Here is a list of the main ingredients of Caldera Greens Plain Powders:

25 percent Alfalfa grass juice powder

25 percent Barley grass juice powder

25 percent Wheat grass juice powder

10 percent Oat grass juice powder

15 percent Proprietary blend of Spirulina and Sea Vegetation

Our blue green algae ( Spirulina ) and Sea Vegetation increases the amount of nutrients in the product.

The crops are grown on a caldera which is a convex volcanic crater in Utah. The land is rich in fulvic acid. Within 5 hours of harvest these crops are juiced (removing all the fiber) into a nutrient dense concentrate and then dropped into proprietary 100 foot tall dryers where within 30 seconds at an average temperature of only 88 degrees Fahrenheit it becomes a powder. This non-invasive, low temperature process shortly after harvest ensures that the food is alive with all the food enzymes intact.

Caldera Greens is an unsurpassed source of nutrient rich food. You will feel the energy coursing through your veins! Our bodies require electrical energy and using Caldera Greens will give you an abundant level of megahertz which will energize you! Nutrition from Greens is very popular now as people are taking action to improve their health.

Keeping the temperature under 88 degrees ensures that the live food enzymes present are in tact. Within 30 seconds, the water is removed and then powder is created.

Each one of the ingredients has a powerful effect on the body. Do some research on alfalfa, barley, oat & wheat grass greens & you will see how much these young plants will impact your life!

Caldera Greens will give you abundant energy and help your body fight cancer. You can also lose weight on this product as your body is getting dense nutrients and you will feel satisfied and not hungry.

Many people use Caldera Greens in a fruit smoothie with tropical fruits. You can do a juice fast with a fruit smoothie and Caldera Greens.

Some people just add the Greens to a glass of pure water. A great value in whole food nutrition: Only 1 level teaspoon—to get the full nutritional value, but our serving size is 8 grams & that is more than twice that much at 2½ teaspoons per day!

I personally use 1 heaping Tablespoon of the Greens in a fruit smoothie each morning. There is enough in my blender to have a tall glass for breakfast and another glass for lunch.

The product is full of fulvic acid and essential enzymes, minerals and vitamins. The supplier has been in business since 1980 and the way he juices the powders ensures you get living mineral rich whole food powders.

Each canister contains 250 grams. If you use the 8 grams serving size ( 2.5 teaspoons ) per day, your canister will last for 31 days.

You can order a canister from a secure tech company based in San Francisco. Square is the favorite shopping cart provider for small businesses today. You can always just call me if you want to send payment through the mail. Of course I would need to receive the funds first before shipping your canister to you.

Just click the Canister & I will have your order on the way!