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Organic Greens and Your Health

How Nutrition Impacts Your Health

Are you giving your body the proper fuel it needs everyday?

If you had a Mercedes Benz, would you put cheap gas in the tank?

Billions of people have been misled by the Standard American Diet ( SAD ).

Fast food over many years can lead to a fast demise in your health.

Nutrition experts have known for hundreds of years that eating the right foods impacts a person’s health. Let’s look at what some of these researchers have written.

Dr. Juergen Buche, ND, thinks that “Diseases are but symptoms of nutritional deficiencies combined with retained toxins. These are caused by poor soil resulting in nutritionally deficient plants and fruit and other foodstuff…We must change our nutritional habits to consume at least 75% LIVING and UNPROCESSED foods – those that grow in the ground or fall from a tree. Everything else is hardly worth eating. If we do this we can stop using drugs and even supplements because our food has become our medicine.”

Alicia McWatters, Ph.D., C.N.C. writes about the importance of eating raw foods: “Because from thirty to eighty-five percent of the nutrition in foods is destroyed in cooking. That is an average fifty percent loss! Fresh, raw foods contain the highest level of enzymes. Enzymes are the catalyst for the hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions that occur throughout the body. Cooked foods and dry convenient diets have been denatured and are devoid of enzymes – life-promoting elements. While they may maintain life they do not promote optimum health or longevity!

In fact it can be said that there is an order of importance when it comes to the three nutrient groups enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Vitamins require minerals/trace elements to work, and both minerals and vitamins need enzymes to reach the cells.

To quote an example of the “healing power” of certain raw foods, chlorophyll from wheat grass contains an ingredient called abscissic acid, which kills many cancer cells on contact.”

Organic whole food greens

Organic Greens

Caldera Greens provides abundant chlorophyll and many other nutrients. The greens are grown in volcanic soil in Utah. The greens are loaded with enzymes, folic acid, minerals, and vitamins the body needs. Here is a list of the main ingredients of Caldera Greens Plain Powders:

25 percent Alfalfa grass juice powder

25 percent Barley grass juice powder

25 percent Wheat grass juice powder

10 percent Oat grass juice powder

15 percent Proprietary blend of Spirulina and Sea Vegetation

The main health benefits of using Caldera Greens:

Abundant Energy Eliminates Need for Caffeine

Boosts Immune System

Helps Body Fight Cancer

Provides the Body with Dense Nutrition

Stimulates Weight Loss

You can order Caldera Greens on my site below by registering for free as a Preferred Customer in the Whole Wellness Club. You will be able to order products at the wholesale price as a Preferred Customer.

Whole Wellness Club


Dr. Buche and Dr. McWatters complete articles can be found on this site below:

Natural Healing

Be aware that I am not a licensed medical provider and my FDA disclaimer is found on the bottom right of all my websites pages. I have had excellent results with fitness & wellness and promote products & services that I believe in. By taking effective action and using common sense, I am prescription free and living an abundant life of wellness.

Your Partner in Success!

Daniel Parsons


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